GreenGo - Company Services

GreenGo Energy Solutions is an engineering company specializing in leading energy projects.
GreenGo began its operations in 2008, in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, including:


Solar panels installations in numerous places in Israel, which are producing, constantly, Megawatts of electricity.  The company has developed a model of roofing tennis courts and basketball by photovoltaic solar systems.


LED lighting instead of old and wasteful lighting

In addition to many projects of LED streets lighting, the company is specializing in providing professional solutions for tennis courts and sports fields in general, where special quality and strict standards are required.


Energy efficiency in the areas of air conditioning and water heating

The company has developed unique methods of energy saving in variety of business areas including: hotels, industrial, elderly houses, sport centers, etc.

The company implements integrated solutions for water heating and air conditioning.

The high efficiency equipment, using by the company, brings savings of hundreds of thousands of Dollars for each organization.


The company has specialized in obtaining state grants for energy efficiency.


The vast knowledge and experience accumulated in GreenGo Energy Solutions, together with our impressive customer install base, enable us to implement professional and high quality solutions from the uppermost level in the Israeli market.

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